Monday, March 31, 2008

Unreal! (or Life's Not Fair, Get Over It!)

Now, this would have been a track meet to watch. The only problem with this particular meet is that it absolutely blows my best excuse for slowness (age) right out of the water!! The picture is of Ralph Maxwell, 88, winner of the M85 Indoor Pentathlon and is from the USATF site.

For all of us glass half-full folks, we have something to shoot for. We ain't dead, yet. Look how much we can still improve! Let's get out there and work smarter.

If you want the glass half-empty perspective: Looking at these times, even when I was a teenager, I would only have won an age group bracket against a 45 year old woman or a 65 year old man. In my current age group bracket, M50-54, the lowest ranked finisher would have beaten me by 45-60 seconds and the top finisher would have lapped me early in the 3rd quarter-mile! They would have been too embarrassed to have even listed my name and time. To win any bracket at my current best, I would have to race against men 75 and older.

Wow! No matter which perspective you prefer, these ladies and men are unbelievably fast.

Here are the results of the first place finishers in each age bracket.

2008 USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center - Boston, Mass.
Saturday, 29 March 2008
Full Results

Plc Name Age Team Finals
1 443 McGlynn, Laura W30 Unattached,Scituate 5:45.63
1 92 Caffrey, Therese W37 Nike Central,New Yo 5:31.89
1 745 *Pritchett, Bernadin W41 Unattached 5:06.42
1 540 Rizzo, Charlotte W45 Westchester,Bronxvi 5:25.43
1 537 Richards, Mary W53 Atlanta Trac,Atlant 6:13.20
1 428 Martin, Kathryn W56 Northport Ru,Northp 5:32.09
1 666 VanEeuwen, Jane W66 Unattached,Wayne, N 10:05.98

Name Age Team Finals
1 406 Lombardo, Brian M30 Genesee Vall,Tonawa 4:27.63
1 479 Newton, Chad M38 FIBO Track C,Pisgah 4:25.27
1 582 Sergeant, Stephen M44 Unattached,Andover, 4:34.87
1 302 Hinton, John M45 Carrboro Ath,Chapel 4:28.92
1 102 Cannon, David M51 Club Northwe,Seattl 4:43.89
1 585 Shaheed, Nolan M58 So Cal Track,Pasade 4:43.72
1 742 *Solomon, Kevin M60 Unattached 5:01.62
********Solomon beat the existing world record ('98) for M60 by 0:00.10
1 134 Condon, Frank M65 Golden West,Chico, 5:11.43
1 140 Cordero, Joe M70 Bohemia Trac,Islip 6:05.25
1 339 Jones, Casey M77 Atlanta Trac,Atlant 7:20.73
1 360 King, Joe M81 Unattached,Central 6:56.28
1 193 Englert, Roy M85 Potomac Vall,Spring 9:33.22
1 546 Rogers, Orville M90 Unattached,Dallas, 9:56.58
********Rogers beat the existing world record ('05) for M90 by 1:27.09

Run well, y'all -- even if you don't have world class speed,
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