04 October 2008

Listen to Yourself ... Vote ... It's Your Duty

I would rather not have the salty language, but Craig Ferguson has a great message in this clip about voting. WARNING: 4-letter (and 3-letter) words are used, words you don't want your children mimicking (and that some of you won't want to mimic either):

Run well -- and vote -- y'all,

Good, Hard Run

Temperatures in the 40-50° F range are perfect for running as far as I'm concerned. For this morning's group run at 7:00, it was 48° and 90% humidity. Three of us averaged an 8:08 mpm pace for 9.2 miles (well, OK, the 3 of us ran 8 together and I did the extra to and from the start).
Four straight days of 7:52-8:07 mpm runs of 5.5-9.2 miles have been a really good mental boost after I ran out of gas in the half marathon last Saturday. They've been good confidence builders.

BTW, have you seen the new movie, Fireproof? We went this afternoon and it's a really good reminder of how important it is to work at one's marriage. A good, clean movie with a message. It does have a strong Christian viewpoint (with which I totally agree but it will be over the top for some folks). Here's a widget that includes a trailer and other information about the movie:

Enjoy the Fall weather and ...

Run well, y'all,

02 October 2008

Fall Is Back!

What a great morning for a run -- 47° when I left, 46° when I finished. I LOVE fall. After an 8:05 mpm 7.5-miler yesterday, I didn't know if I could do another "fast" run or not. But, my body said, "Go!", so I did and did 5.3 miles at a pace of 7:52 mpm. I must say that my runs yesterday and today help me realize that Saturday's half marathon time was probably just a "one of those days" kind of run.

Run well, y'all,