22 May 2011

Back Home (Nairobi)

I'm back home in Nairobi after 3 weeks in Zambia helping with on-field orientation of new personnel. Had a blast. Two weeks of that were spent camping in rural Zambia. No man-made lights at night — I just love the African sky in the bush. It happened that our 2 weeks of camping coincided with the New-to-Full phase of the moon so I got to watch that transformation. We kept our tent window open and when I'd wake up (both middle of the night and at 4:45 to go run), I could look up and just praise God for his beautiful and incredible creation.

I ran most mornings on the dirt roads. It was pretty dark when I started but by the time I'd finished, the last stars and planets had disappeared. I had to dodge a few cow patties; scared a few kids — perhaps they just weren't quite sure what was chasing this old, white man; shared the road/path with a few cow carts. The roads were basically flat and mixed hard soil and fairly soft sand. It was good for the legs to be off the tarmac.

Now, however, I'm back to Nairobi for a few days. I ran after we got home from church this morning and it was tough — back to 5700' and the hills. Whew!

In a couple of days, I head to Guinea, West Africa for about a week. Hoping to run there and add another country to my life list.

Run well, y'all,