19 May 2010

"Thinking About It" Is All I'll Do!

At $188,185.59, the closest I'll get to owning one of these is as a random thought while I'm running! But, if you want the most exclusive (25.5 carats of diamonds and 22 ct gold), you can purchase it from Stuart Hughes:

Run well, y'all -- and dream on,

Compliment or Insult?

I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or insulted by this invitation that I received via e-mail :-D
run like a girl Richmond, VA

Dear Bob,

Spread the word... it's the last chance to register!

If you've registered but have friends, co-workers or family members that are procrastinating there are only about 200 spots left for the 3rd Annual Women's only running event: run like a girl.
Ah, the joys of e-mail mass advertising!

Run well, y'all,

18 May 2010

NRR: Google Cool

OK, this has nothing to do with running but it is random:

Run well, y'all,

09 May 2010

Back on the Roads (Again)

At the risk of being repetitive and someone(s) saying, "Sure", I want to say I'm back on the roads again. Since Thanksgiving, I've been dealing with an odd joint issue that put a huge crimp in my running and then finally got me off the roads for 7 straight weeks, from 23-Jan to 15-Mar. (A bad side effect of that hiatus was that though my activity level dropped, my appetite did not. Let me just say that it was a waist-full 7 weeks.) I was at the point where every 2-3 weeks, I had so much pain for 24-36 hours in the pelvic area when moving that I could just barely shuffle-walk and even that was almost unbearable. Then, the pain would leave almost as quickly as it came and I would be fine until the next episode.

The orthopedist finally said he thought it was symphisitis. Runner's World had an article on syphysitis here. He said he had no clue what caused it or if I would get over it. The only treatment he suggested was to take 100mg of Voltaren once daily for 5 days if the pain reoccured. When I asked him when I could start running, he said start, build gradually, and if it hurts, rest.< Both sites linked above indicate that symphisitis is an overuse injury. Not sure about that, either, as (1) I had actually reduced my running mileage prior to the onset of the problem and (2) there seemed to be absolutely no correlation between running and the onset of the pain -- even during the 7 weeks when I didn't run a step, I still dealt with the pain 2 or 3 times. At any rate, while I don't have complete confidence in the diagnosis of the doc or in the articles, I have used the doc's advice to, at worst, manage the pain. Whenever I feel the discomfort that I knew indicated the problem was reoccurring, I took 50mg of diclofenac (an NSAID). It's now been almost 2 months since I've had the debilitating pain and I'm gradually building my mileage back.

Yesterday, I ran 5.69 miles, the farthest I've run since 19-Nov-09. I say ran, though I did take 3 brief walk breaks. This morning, I ran (all the way) another 4.5 hilly miles with no side effects.

These runs were at relatively low altitude (about 1000'). I've lost a lot of the speed that I had. For instance, 8 months ago, I regularly ran at 8:00-8:20 mpm with occasional training runs between 7:30 and 7:45. Today, my run was at 9:14 -- at altitude (5700') in Nairobi, I've been running 9:30-10:00 mpm. Pre-injury, my weekly mileage was 30-35 miles; I'm back up, now, to about 14 miles per week and anticipate running 16-17 miles this week. But, as I build back up, I anticipate (hope) that my speed will continue to drop and my endurance will increase. Let me tell you, it's a whole lot tougher to get back in shape at 56 years old than it was in earlier years.

I've been at my parents' house in Greenville, SC for the last 3 days. Though I've run here a lot, I ran a different route today. I knew it would be a challenge with some uphills. What I didn't count on, though, was a 1.4 mile stretch that was a steady climb of about 180'!! The elevation map from gMaps-Pedometer was interesting, so I thought I'd post it -- the thick lines represent intersections/turns. The actual route is here.

OK, this may interest no one but me but, hey...it's my blog. (grin)

Have you come back from an injury?

Run well, y'all,