23 June 2010


What else can I say? USA and England both through to the final 16 after each won their match 1-0.

Run well, y'all,

17 June 2010

Running or Cycling?

An interesting report of a study on the possible differences in carbohydrate oxidation between cycling and running. The study detected an insignificant difference in carb oxidation (and I assume that in regular-people-speak, that means carb use) between the two sports. However, running resulted in a higher fat oxidation.

Carbohydrate Oxidation from a Drink during Running Compared To Cycling Exercise

Decent enough run this morning - 3.07 miles in 28:07.24 (9:09.8 mpm) and that included a couple of brief, 20 second, walk breaks. After I finished, I added some barefoot strides and cross-overs (running sideways, alternately crossing one leg in front and then behind the other). This is the second day I've done that and my feet are sore! Running barefoot really does change one's stride.

Funny incident -- at about mile 1, I turned around. There was a Kenyan trotting down the road right behind me (after I turned around). He passed me and I saw that he was wearing a coat, long trousers, and street shoes -- obviously headed to work. Nothing like that to make one think, "Wow! I'm really slow." I didn't consciously speed up, but I know I did. A couple of times I caught him and even passed him but he always repassed me. We stayed together for about 1.25 miles until I turned. My consolation -- I'm probably 25 or more years older than he. Still, he was in street shoes and a jacket, for crying out loud! For his part, at some point, he probably realized that this man who is as old as his father was staying with him and there was no way he was going to let his dad stay ahead of him!

Ah, the joys of running!

Run well, y'all -- burn that fat,

16 June 2010

NRR -- 'Lego'lights of USA-England

Not running-related, still ... that why I titled this blog, Random Thoughts.... I'm also not sure that one could accurately say "highlights" when the figures used to recreate the excitement are less than 2" tall.

Enjoy reliving the exciting moments of the match:

Stayed up too late last night watching Brazil-N Korea, watching the Southern Baptist Convention meeting via streaming video, and Tweeting/Facebooking about both -- so, no run for me this morning.

Run well, y'all -- and go USA and South Africa!

14 June 2010

Gu and Altitude

Major discovery this morning -- a Gu does nothing to improve breathing! (Duh!) Headed out this morning for another short (3.1 mi), slow (9:32 mpm) run. I had decided to down a Gu to see if the addition of a few sugar calories would make a difference. While I do think it helped fuel my legs, it did nothing for my breathing. The oxygen at 5700' seemed extra thin today.

I also decided that I don't particularly care for Tri-Berry flavoured Gu. I think I'll stick with Chocolate Outrage.

It was a bit misty which made it darker than normal. That makes it difficult to see irregularities (of which there are MANY) on these obstacle course trails that Nairobi calls roads.

I decided to try some barefoot strides after I cooled down a bit -- and after I got home to our smoothly paved entry drive. A sports doctor recommended I do that to teach my body the proper running form. They felt pretty good.

Run well, y'all,

13 June 2010

The Incredible Benefits of Running

Here's why you should run:

I'm enjoying the World Cup -- Gooooooo Bafana Bafana! Gooooooo USA! I don't even know if it's even possible with the groupings, but I'd love to see South Africa and the USA in the finals -- two underdogs.

Run well, y'all,

12 June 2010

Keys to Total Fitness -- Balance and Flexibility

I suspect that most regular runners might pass this test with relative ease -- Discovery Health: Flexibility & Balance Assessment. I'm "No sweat" in 5 of 7, "Breaking a Sweat" in #6 (I need to work on balance with my eyes closed), and "Swimming in Sweat" in #2 (though I can bend over and put my forehead on my shins w/o bending my knees, I can't raise my leg to 90° w/o assisting with a towel or my hands when on my back).

The subway situation that introduces the article is probably not applicable to most, but the premise is right -- flexibility and balance are important factors in overall health as well as in running. How's your balance when you hit an unexpected irregularity in the road or trail when running? What about in a race when you get squeezed in a crowd and your heel gets clipped from behind?

    • What do you do to work on improving your flexibility and balance?

  • This morning's run: short and slow again -- 3.1 miles @ 9:30 mpm -- I loved the 54° temperature!

    Run well, y'all -- and stay loose,

    09 June 2010

    Legs Tired? No, It's All in Your Head

    Say what? Can it be?

    More Proof That Fatigue is Voluntary

    So, all this time when my legs give out, then my legs aren't really tired -- I'm just lazy and quit?

    Now, I'm not a scientist or a doctor or even a trainer or physical therapist and I accept that fatigued muscles will respond enthusiastically and vigorously to an external stimulus like an electrical shock. You can apply an electric shock to the legs of a dead frog (even to severed frog legs) and they will react as if the frog is jumping but that doesn't mean the frog could just decide to keep on jumping.

    I suspect there's more to the story than just simply, Fatigue is in your head.

    Still, if you want to shame your running partner into going farther, just point him/her to that web site. Or threaten her/him with electric shock treatment.

    This morning: 3.1 miles, slow (9:23 mpm), 52° (eat your hearts out, American south running friends). I quit because I was ... (1) tired?, (2) lazy?, (3) a long way from anyone who would hook me up to an electrical current?

    Run well, y'all -- and don't quit,

    PS -- Personally, my unscientific opinion is that our brains tell us to quit before our legs give out completely in order to protect us from injury or death. But, hey, what do I know?

    05 June 2010

    Hopelessness -- Search for Meaning (Jeff Allen Cleans Up His Act)

    Not running related.

    Earlier this afternoon, I posted a video clip of Jeff Allen's comedy. In this clip, Jeff talks about a radical shift in the direction of his life. He talks about trying to make sense of life and find meaning and how that finally happened. The audio and video were out of sync but that might be my Africa connection -- not the best internet connection in the world.

    Run well, y'all -- and have a meaningful life,

    Dieting -- Jeff Allen Comedy

    Pretty funny -- sneaking in cookies, rice cakes (do you think of cake when you taste one of those?):

    Slept late this morning so no run. First time in ages that I've slept more than 6 1/2 hours.

    Run well, y'all,

    04 June 2010

    (Chocolate) Milk Does the Body Good

    Why pay for expensive artificial ingredients, when low-fat chocolate milk serves as a perfectly good post-run recovery drink? This report from The Times of India is just one of many reporting on studies that show that low-fat or no-fat chocolate milk is just as good for refueling as specially designed sports drinks. Besides, in my opinion, chocolate milk tastes so much better!
    Chocolate milk speeds up post-exercise recovery
    Pour me a glass, please, and make it cold!
    Run well, y'all,