Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keys to Total Fitness -- Balance and Flexibility

I suspect that most regular runners might pass this test with relative ease -- Discovery Health: Flexibility & Balance Assessment. I'm "No sweat" in 5 of 7, "Breaking a Sweat" in #6 (I need to work on balance with my eyes closed), and "Swimming in Sweat" in #2 (though I can bend over and put my forehead on my shins w/o bending my knees, I can't raise my leg to 90° w/o assisting with a towel or my hands when on my back).

The subway situation that introduces the article is probably not applicable to most, but the premise is right -- flexibility and balance are important factors in overall health as well as in running. How's your balance when you hit an unexpected irregularity in the road or trail when running? What about in a race when you get squeezed in a crowd and your heel gets clipped from behind?

    • What do you do to work on improving your flexibility and balance?

  • This morning's run: short and slow again -- 3.1 miles @ 9:30 mpm -- I loved the 54° temperature!

    Run well, y'all -- and stay loose,
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