Monday, June 14, 2010

Gu and Altitude

Major discovery this morning -- a Gu does nothing to improve breathing! (Duh!) Headed out this morning for another short (3.1 mi), slow (9:32 mpm) run. I had decided to down a Gu to see if the addition of a few sugar calories would make a difference. While I do think it helped fuel my legs, it did nothing for my breathing. The oxygen at 5700' seemed extra thin today.

I also decided that I don't particularly care for Tri-Berry flavoured Gu. I think I'll stick with Chocolate Outrage.

It was a bit misty which made it darker than normal. That makes it difficult to see irregularities (of which there are MANY) on these obstacle course trails that Nairobi calls roads.

I decided to try some barefoot strides after I cooled down a bit -- and after I got home to our smoothly paved entry drive. A sports doctor recommended I do that to teach my body the proper running form. They felt pretty good.

Run well, y'all,
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