28 September 2008

Dragging Across the Finish at Maymont X-Terra

Well, I finished the Maymont (Richmond) X-Terra Half Marathon though it would be more accurate, perhaps, to say that it finished me. I didn't have an awful time at all but I really struggled after mile 7. I finished in 2:01:25 (14th in Men 50-54, 215th overall). The time was disappointing because I had run this same race last year in 1:49:xx and had run another half marathon 5 weeks ago in 1:53:xx.

I'm not sure what happened. I had drunk about 22 ounces of water within about 2 hours prior to the race and drank about 30-36 ounces of Gatorade/Powerade/water during the race. Maybe I wasn't hydrated enough because after I finished I drank another 24 ounces of Powerade and 24 ounces of water. The humidity was high -- 98% -- so, even though the temperature was around 68°, I was sweating buckets-full.

I had a whole wheat bagel and banana about an hour before the race, one Shot Blok about 15 minutes before, and a Gu-like gel at mile 7. So, I think I had enough carbs/electrolytes.

I had run 14.4 miles last Saturday (at 8:07 mpm) but cut back on mileage last week and felt fresh and ready to go at the beginning of the race.

At any rate, I just ran out of gas after mile 7 and walked a lot during the last half.

Anyway, I'm disappointed but also know that those days just happen somtimes. But, if anyone has a suggestion(s) for me, I'm all ears.

Run well, y'all,

23 September 2008

Taper to Maymont X-Terra

Last tempo run before Saturday's Maymont X-Terra Half. I hadn't done a tempo run in 4-5 weeks (I should have but....). The training plan called for 5 miles -- 1 warm-up, 3 tempo, 1 cool down. Here are the splits:
1.00 x 8:50.32
1.00 x 7:40.10
1.00 x 7:28.59
1.00 x 7:20.06
1.26 x 10:12.30 (8:05.95 mpm)

I'm pleased. I'm as ready for this half, physically and mentally, as I can be. Now, if it just isn't raining Saturday morning because that will make for some nasty trail sections.

Run well, y'all,

20 September 2008

Great Run!

It's been a long time since I posted anything about running. Mostly, it's because I've been really bummed about running lately. I've felt like I was regressing -- every run, even the short ones, seemed hard. Well, today was different -- a total of 14.4 miles (3 segments of 0.67, 8.13, and 5.6 miles) at an average pace of 8:07 mpm. I was with a group of 4 for the 8.13 miles segment and we did the 8th mile at about 7:12 -- the one with the Garmin said we hit <6:45 at one point. YES!!

Next Saturday, I'm running the Maymont X-Terra Half Marathon and today's run was a real mental boost for me.

Of course, the weather probably had something to do with the run. It was 50° when we headed out and had hit a blazing 58° when I finished. What a relief after the summer weather. Predictions are a mid-50's start for next Saturday.

Run well, y'all,

13 September 2008

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Run well, y'all,

08 September 2008

Snow on the Equator

Earlier reports said that this freakish weather phenomenom was hail and I think that's much more likely than snow -- the temperature would not have been cold enough for any real snow to accumulate. Even so, it's quite a unique event for Kenya and I can easily imagine the surprise and delight of the Kenyans who saw it:

Run well, y'all,