15 January 2007


Well, today I feel like I'm a confirmed running addict. I didn't sleep well at all last night -- had weird dreams and kept waking up. So, I decided I could take a day off. Wrong choice! I have been groggy all day long -- not really sleepy-groggy but just couldn't shake the sleep dust. I should have foregone the last 30 minutes of nonsleep-sleep and hit the road.

My running journey has been interesting. Of course, there were the first few weeks when I was just simply out of shape and I had to push through that. Then, I began to lose weight fairly quickly, one of my initial reasons for getting back to running. At that point and for the next year, I really liked the results of running but didn't like running.

I hurt my knee at the one year point (ran too hard, too quickly when I was too heavy and using, as I later decided, wornout shoes) and had to quit until I had a meniscectomy (arthroscopic) at 14 months. During the time when I couldn't run and then while I was building back up, I realized how much I missed running. Once I got back to running, I realized that I really liked running.

The one day last week when I didn't run, I felt groggy. Then today I felt groggy. So, I've moved from like to need! I guess that's what I get after 3.5 years and 3700 miles. If I'm going to be addicted to something, there are a whole lot of things worse than running.

Run well, y'all,
Richmond, VA

03 January 2007

Starting Spiritual Conversations, Part 2

I wanted to do a brief follow-up on my post of 2-Dec. We did invite our closest neighbors to our house for some "getting-to-know-you" time and a time to share the story of the birth of Jesus using candles. Unfortunately, only one couple came. Well, I say "unfortunately", but I shouldn't say that because I don't, yet, know what God had in mind.

Even though there were only 5 of us, this couple readily agreed for us to go ahead with our plans. We didn't want to embarrass them because there were so few of us and telling the story this way entails singing Christmas carols -- some folks just don't like to sing (imagine?). Anyway, it went well. It is our prayer that this will open the door to further conversations about Christ and spiritual things.


01 January 2007