13 February 2012

Millennials and Returning to High Altitude Running (unrelated)

Recently, I finished reading The Millennials, by Thom Rainer and Jess Rainer. The book seeks to interpret research done among a group of 1200 people born between 1980 and 1991. It was an interesting and generally positive look at this generation. Today, I came across this graphic that summarizes the generation.

Created by: Online Graduate Programs

  • Do you think this accurately summarizes (generalizes) this generation?
Running — I was in Saly, Senegal, for almost the last 2 weeks. Saly is 57' above sea level. Because of its location, it doesn't start getting light there until 7AM. Because I was in a meeting, I had to be out by 6AM. Fortunately, the roads where we met were pretty good. So, a headlamp and reflective vest were good things to have along. I did run 2 days on sand roads in the dark. That made for interesting runs. Our flight back from Senegal to Nairobi was an overnight flight and I didn't sleep very much. But, Sunday morning, having flown all night with little sleep, in a time zone that was 3 hours ahead of my body, and now back at 5700' above sea level, I ran a short run to try to shake out the cobwebs. It was really hard. Looking forward to getting my altitude lungs and legs back!

Run well, y'all,
Nairobi, Kenya