08 October 2011

Great Fall Run

Since I started seriously running (don't confuse seriously running with anything remotely resembling elite running — LOL), I had been pleased to find that after running in Nairobi, Kenya (5700') for a while, then come back to close to sea level in the US, my pace would drop by about 30 seconds per mile. Then, in July of this year, when I came to the US for my parents' 60th anniversary, that just didn't happen. I was disappointed but I really think it was the heat and humidity.

This morning, I'm back in Richmond, VA, for a meeting — arrived last night. After 32.5 hours of traveling (house to house) and 6 hours of sleep, I would have been satisfied with something close to Nairobi pace. But, I was back to not only the faster pace — 8:57 mpm versus about 9:30 mpm in Nairobi — but I also found that I didn't feel nearly so wiped out by the distance (4.76 miles). It was the perfect temperature (for me) at 48°F — a lightweight long-sleeved running shirt was just right. And, my ankle felt great — I turned it pretty badly on Monday for the second time in a month and hadn't run since.

Plus, as I was running on Ridgefield Pkwy and crossed Gayton, I saw an eagle perched on the cross on top of the steeple at the Gayton Rd Christian Church. What a neat sight — I would love to have gotten a picture but my camera and phone are not waterproof. Not much colour on the trees, yet, but I did see a tree on Pleasant Run Rd that was showing definite hints of red.

I think I'm going to enjoy running during the next 10 days or so.

Run well, y'all,
Bob A