Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running or Cycling?

An interesting report of a study on the possible differences in carbohydrate oxidation between cycling and running. The study detected an insignificant difference in carb oxidation (and I assume that in regular-people-speak, that means carb use) between the two sports. However, running resulted in a higher fat oxidation.

Carbohydrate Oxidation from a Drink during Running Compared To Cycling Exercise

Decent enough run this morning - 3.07 miles in 28:07.24 (9:09.8 mpm) and that included a couple of brief, 20 second, walk breaks. After I finished, I added some barefoot strides and cross-overs (running sideways, alternately crossing one leg in front and then behind the other). This is the second day I've done that and my feet are sore! Running barefoot really does change one's stride.

Funny incident -- at about mile 1, I turned around. There was a Kenyan trotting down the road right behind me (after I turned around). He passed me and I saw that he was wearing a coat, long trousers, and street shoes -- obviously headed to work. Nothing like that to make one think, "Wow! I'm really slow." I didn't consciously speed up, but I know I did. A couple of times I caught him and even passed him but he always repassed me. We stayed together for about 1.25 miles until I turned. My consolation -- I'm probably 25 or more years older than he. Still, he was in street shoes and a jacket, for crying out loud! For his part, at some point, he probably realized that this man who is as old as his father was staying with him and there was no way he was going to let his dad stay ahead of him!

Ah, the joys of running!

Run well, y'all -- burn that fat,
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