Saturday, April 11, 2009

Running and Trans-Atlantic Flying

Well, OK, the title would be more accurately stated, Running **Then**.... This will be a first for me. It seemed like a great idea earlier in the week. I ran 6.8 miles this morning before heading to the airport for about 26 hours of international travel. My thinking was that it would be good to be active (and, maybe, tired) before flying. We'll see.

While we were running this morning, I began to question my sanity for running almost 13 yesterday and then doing almost 7 this morning. My legs were definitely not happy. We had planned to go out slow but ... those with Garmins kept saying, "We're at sub-8's". We ended up averaging something like 8:17 mpm. One of those mornings when being with a group was a good motivator to keep going.

I'm hoping to get some higher altitude runs in during the next week. Johannesburg sits at about 5700' above sea level. Should be fun.

True meaning of Easter: Matthew 28:1-20

Run well, y'all,
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