Thursday, April 30, 2009


After yesterday's run, my right hamstring was a little sore. Got up this morning -- hamstring felt better and it was 53° (way better than the 60°+ of the last several days), so I headed out to see what might happen. I chose a route that kept me within a mile and a half of home for the first 3 miles in case my hamstring acted up but also gave me the option of going 7+ if everything was OK.

Mile 1: no problem, in fact most of the soreness went away.

Mile 2: no problem

Mile 3: no problem until the 2.6 mile point. I was going up a slight hill (not the first one) and all of a sudden -- BAM! -- I got spiced by Emeril!

Oh, wait, no, I was running, not watching Food Network. ...all of a sudden -- BAM! -- my hamstring started seizing up. I tried slowing down but it did no good. So, I stopped and gently stretched my hamstring. It eased off and I tried running gently -- after just a few strides, it seized up again. Walked a bit and tried again. It's odd -- I could run a few strides and then swinging my right leg forward would be painful. Walking, on the other hand, cause only very mild soreness.

So, I walked the rest of the 1 mile home (OK, a few jogging strides here and there).

I am bummed but I'm going to lay off running for a couple of days. If my leg feels OK Saturday morning, I may try a couple of miles (yeah, I know, I should just forget it ... until at least Sunday). Seriously, I am bummed. Looks like my early mornings (and evenings) will be spent with ice on my hamstring.

Run well, y'all,
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