Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running in a Daze

Flew to Johannesburg, S Africa, last night for a training conference. The only flight I could get was one that left Nairobi at 8:40PM and arrived in Jo'burg at 11:50PM (an hour behind Nairobi time), though we actually landed at 11:25PM. So, knowing that I wouldn't get to the guest house until 12:30AM or so, I had not planned to run this morning. But, at 5:30AM, I was awake -- it gets light a lot earlier here than in Nairobi! I laid in bed for another hour or so, dozing occasionally and finally got up and out.

It was intentionally short but turned out to be a faster pace than anything last week. Johannesburg is at a very slightly lower elevation than Nairobi but, at least where the guest is, there are these long hills. They are steep, just long, and they are killers. And, the guest house is at almost the highest point of the routes I run and definitely at the highest point in the neighbourhood where it's located. So, there is no way to avoid ending a run going up one of those long hills. It's a killer! But, hills are my friend, right?!

Run well, y'all,
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