Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If I ever send an e-mail that, the moment I hit "Send", I decide should not have been sent, I now have a plausible defense -- "zzz-mailing". This is great! The concept surely applies to other forms of communication, too -- zzz-Facebooking, zzz-blogging, zzz-training. I should never have to take responsibility for anything that I do, say, or write again -- Oh, you heard me say **that**? I must have been zzz-talking.

On a running note: I must admit that there's is a bit of perverse satisfaction in running in really cold weather, especially when you see the look of someone's face when they learn you ran this morning when the temperature was 19° (or 5° or whatever). There is definitely the personal satisfaction of having done it. But, I'm ready for some morning temps in the 30°s. I am most definitely NOT ready for summer -- I don't like hot and running in temps greater than 70° or so is more miserable than running when it's 5°. But, a tiny bit more warmth wouldn't be bad. This morning: 5.9 miles, 49:45, 19°F, 57% humidity.

Run well, y'all,
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