Saturday, February 9, 2008

Distance PR and 9 on the 9th

Today is the day for the 2nd virtual race sponsored by Non-Runner Nancy, the 9 on the 9th. My plan for training for the Richmond 10K had me doing 12 miles and I had planned to do them easy. Figured I'd just take my average pace and report that for the 9 miles of the virtual race.

I run with a YMCA training group at 8:00 on Saturdays and they were going to run 5 miles, so I headed out early to do what I thought would be 7.5 before the group run. I left a few minutes later than planned and picked up the pace a bit to try to meet the group on time. When I got to the Y, the group had already gone. So I signed in and took off again. Neat thing was that I was behind the novice group so got a real boost by passing them trying to catch my group. I found the back-o-the-pack runners in my group but felt so good at the pace I was running that I just kept on. I finished those 5 miles in 38:49.6 and thought, Wow! A total of 1:42:13 is not a bad time for 12.5 miles. I signed out of the g run and took off for a short run home. My total time was 1:47:11.4 and I thought I had done a half-marathon. Pretty pleased since that was faster than my only real half-marathon race time.

Stretched, took a shower and sat down to plot out the run to see just how far it actually was. When I plugged the figures into my running log, I couldn't believe what I saw. I double-checked the map to be sure that I had plotted the route right; I checked my watch to make sure I had put in the right figures for my time. I had.

Turns out the my first route was 8 miles (I forgot to check my map before leaving and ran the wrong streets). Then, the 5 mile group run turned out to be 5.5. By the time I added the short bit home after the group run, the total was my longest run ever -- 14.11 miles. That put my pace at 7:35.8 mpm. I'm still in shock. One of the anomalies of running is that a slow pace can feel so awful one day while a fast pace can feel so good on another.

So, 9 on the 9th miles @ 7:35.8 mpm is 1:08:22. See all the virtual race reports here. and, probably, here. Congratulations to all who participated in the race.

Run well, y'all,
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