Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weather and What to Wear While Running

We went to the early worship service at our church today. So, I decided to run after Bible study (about 11:30). My wife also planned to run but was concerned about being cold. AS I advised her about what she might wear, I realized that this is a very individual matter depending on one's tolerance for cold and the level of effort, which determines internal temperatures.

The February '08 issue of Runner's World printed a guide created by a couple of runners from Rhode Island and Ontario (p.65) - I can't find the article online so can't link to it (why doesn't Runner's World at least have the full contents of the magazine available online for subscribers?). It's almost dead-on the way I decide what to wear. I'm very warm-natured and sweat profusely, so the following might not apply to you (to save typing, assume that all items are "tech" cloths unless otherwise noted -- little or no cotton for me):

  • 80°+: I only run around in the shower! (I'm a heat wimp)
  • 50-79°: short-sleeved shirt, shorts, light socks
  • 40-49°: long-sleeved shirt, shorts, gloves, heavier socks on the lower end of the range
  • 32-39°: short-sleeved shirt, polyester/cotton sweatshirt, shorts, gloves
  • 27-31°: long-sleeved shirt, poly/cotton sweatshirt, shorts, wind pants, gloves -- if I'm feeling wimpy, I'll add the stocking cap with the ear flaps turned up
  • 13-26°: short-sleeved shirt under a long-sleeved shirt, poly/cotton sweatshirt, shorts, wind pants, stocking cap w/ear flaps down and tied under my chin (my family "loves" the style), gloves
  • 13°: I don't know as it hasn't gotten that cold in Richmond in the last 2 winters

(BTW and for what it's worth, I really like Balega socks -- Enduro when the temperature is warmer, mid-40's and up, and the gray/black Trail when the temperature is cooler, 40's and lower, or when I'm running 10+ miles.)

Today wasn't that cold (47° and breezy when I went out) so I wore my fluorescent yellow Brooks long-sleeved shirt. My family says nobody can miss seeing me when I wear that shirt but they worry that it might blind somebody and they'll run over me because of it! Not a bad run -- 5.5 miles at 8:10 mpm.

Run well, y'all,
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