Monday, January 14, 2008

Kenya Relief Work

Some pictures of the relief work in Kenya

I thought some pictures of the relief efforts in Kenya might help you understand how people are working together to demonstrate love and concern during the humanitarian crisis in Kenya. (My apologies for the odd formatting -- I don't quite have the hang of finessing pictures into a decent alignment.)

Families arrive at safe locations by a variety of means. Some come by punda (Sw. donkey) cart...

... others arrive on the back of large lorries.

Once in the safe havens -- police compounds, churches, schools, etc. -- there's not a lot to do but wait.

Many fled to the safe havens with no possessions -- only the clothes on their backs. Kenyans donated sacrificially to help.

Baptist Global Response brought in blankets.

Relief workers tried to register everyone in the camps both to ensure equitable distribution of food and to try to enable families to locate missing relatives.

This was an incredible scene. The lady on the right had been displaced from her home by the riots. Still, she brought sugar cane to one of the camps to share with those who had lost more than she. The youth registering the donation are from a local Baptist church.
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