Saturday, January 26, 2008

Group Run Then Solo

As part of the prep for the Richmond 10K in April, I'm participating in the local YMCA training program. I'm doing it more to get to know people than for the training benefit because I'm already running more than their highest group and am following a Runner's World training plan. We did 2.0 miles as a group and I ran with Louise who is aiming for a sub-50 minute 10K (my goal is 46-47 minutes). The pace felt comfortable so I was quite surprised when we finished in just under 16 minutes -- more surprised when I plotted the run on Gmaps Pedometer and found that it was actually 2.2 miles.

After we finished the group run, I needed about 7 more miles so I headed out to finish my long run. I don't know what it is about stopping and then starting again. I stopped after the group run just long enough to sign out of the group run and to say "Good-bye" to Louise and then headed out. But, it was long enough to tighten up. It still took a couple of miles before I felt loose again. I thought I was taking the pace slow (the plan called for 9:05 mpm), but every mile was just at 8:00 mpm. After about 3 miles I just thought, Forget trying to slow down, I'll just finish. Even at that pace (the total ended up being something like 7:45 mpm), it was a great run -- another runner's high. The only problem was that I was cold at times -- there was a steady breeze, you know, one of those that is in your face no matter which way you turn. Still, a good way to start a Saturday.

Run well, y'all,
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