Sunday, September 2, 2012

Return Trip to Safari Snacks Doesn't Disappoint

Our daughter joined us in Burnaby for Labour Day weekend. Yesterday, she and I headed back to Safari Snacks House and Grill for some samosas and bhajias to go with the lentil curry and chicken curry that Linda was cooking for supper. And, the second time around didn't disappoint. Our only problem was that we had too much food. So, we had bhajias and samosas for lunch today. Linda put them on a tray lined with paper towels and heated them up in the oven and they heated and crisped up nicely.

The owners remembered me from the first trip. They also remembered my previous blog post and told us they had added a bit more dhania to the bhajia coating. While we were waiting, we sampled a weekend specialty of the house, muthiya. It was a mixture of various kinds of lentils, green beans, and chicken in a gravy. It was pleasantly spiced — not bland but not too hot either. While we sampled it, both of the owners came by to see what we thought. One of them said it was an acquired taste but Stacey and I thought it was really good. They only cook it on the weekends (maybe only on Saturday).

You won't find more friendly staff anywhere. Combine that with good food and it's a really nice experience — eat there, take it to the park around the corner for a picnic, or take it home.

Eat well,

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