Monday, March 28, 2011

Crowded Streets

I'm not sure why, but there seemed to be more people out this morning (6:20AM) than normal. There were more people walking to and from work. There were more cars (and, thus, more pollution) on the main road through Nairobi. We live about 2 blocks south of this road and I normally run along it for a half mile or so — most of that on a frontage road. Rarely a dull moment in Nairobi.

Still can't figure why the Garmin 305 usually shows and average pace and an average moving pace that differ by 3-6 seconds per mile even though I don't stop. Funny, though, one day when I did have to stop to wait for a vehicle, they two paces were the same. Ah, well, I guess that's part of the margin of error. So, can I count the average moving pace as my pace? LOL!

Thanks to a couple of guys who gave me a solution to a couple of my issues with the Forerunner 305.

Run well, y'all,
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