Friday, October 1, 2010

Turn the Corner

At least in my experience, the phrase turn the corner is used when one has been through difficult circumstances but has come to the end of the difficulties and things have improved. Well, turning the corner was a good thing during my run this morning.

I did the same run in Colorado Springs that I had done on Sunday -- a relatively easy 0.8 mile start, then 1.8 miles that went up 300 feet (starting at 6453' above sea level). The uphill ended at a corner (Chapel Hills and Research) and when I literally turned the corner, the next 1.8 miles was all downhill and the last 0.2 miles was only a very slight upward incline. Turning the corner today was actually fun!

Stats for the day:

  • 41° F
  • 65% humidity
  • 4.65 miles
  • 9:36 mpm pace
Have you had a turn the corner running experience?

Run well, y'all,
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