Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Run -- Sort Of

I guess long run is a relative term. Fourteen months ago, a long run would have been 10-14 miles. Right now, on my way back to a good weight and a decent level of fitness, a long run for me is 5+ miles. So, today, I headed out for a long run. The temperature in Nairobi was 53° and the humidity was 57%. At 6:30, the sun was just coming up. So, it was a beautiful, almost perfect morning for a run. It was hard -- I haven't gone more than 5 miles in Nairobi in a very long time -- since 11-Nov-09. I ended up taking several walk breaks. My pace was only 9:45 mpm -- a full minute per mile slower than that Nov-09 5-miler. Still, considering my current fitness level and weight, I'm satisfied.

Have you ever had to struggle to get back in shape?

Run well, y'all,
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