Monday, September 20, 2010

A Cure for Smelly Shoes

I have an incredible gift! No, it's not the speed to run faster than (or anywhere near as fast) as a speeding bullet; it's not the endurance to run long distances and finish wanting more; it's not even something as exciting or desirable as the gift to make money hand over fist. No, I am an effective heating machine -- I have the gift of sweat! Yes, I know, GROSS! I can head out for a 3-5 mile run when the temperature is 51°, wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt and come back looking like I have stood under a waterfall for the past 25-50 minutes. One good friend saw me after a run one day and commented, "You sure do have an efficient internal heater!"

One downside of that "gift" is that my shoes are wet at the end of a run. Wet shoes lead to stinky shoes and that always happened. I tried Lysol spray; I tried Fabreeze spray; I tried newspapers stuck in the shoes; I kept them outside at all times; and nothing helped. Then, one day I listened to Ashland Dave's podcast on StuffItts. He said they had worked for him -- you know, the kind of worked like playing country music backwards -- your wife comes back, you get your pickup back, the bank doesn't foreclose on your home, your dog becomes your best friend again -- that kind of worked. So, I decided to try them. I went to the StuffItts' web site and ordered 4 pair of "Speed Demon Black with Neon Yellow Strap" StuffItts. At the time, they were having a closeout on an older model -- the inserts are not replaceable but they were only $9.95 each.

I live in Kenya, so I had the StuffItts sent to my daughter who gave them to someone else who was coming to Kenya for a meeting. Granted, the StuffItts caused quite the stir -- "What in the world...?" When I finally got them, I put them to immediate use. What a difference!! ... I got my pickup back, my dog liked me ... oh, wait, that's the country song! Almost immediately, my running shoes quit smelling like something that had stayed out of the refrigerator for way too long. Now, I have to tell you, they don't destink my shoes to the point where I want to drape them around my neck but I no longer pass out when I get within 20 yards of them and I no longer have to defumigate my suitcase when I travel. They are great and I would heartily recommend them to anyone who has sweaty feet (no, don't get anything for telling you that ... though, if StuffItts wants to compensate me for the endorsement, I wouldn't refuse -- LOL). I keep a pair in my morning running shoes (the worst offenders), a pair in my afternoon walking shoes, and another pair rotates among the shoes I wear for work -- one pair is still in reserve.

Funny thing. The other day, after our afternoon 3+ mile walk, I sat down to take off my shoes and insert my StuffItts and had this overwhelming flashback to my childhood. Do you ever hear or smell something that transports you to another time and place? Well, all of a sudden I had the sensation of opening a fresh bag of cedar shavings to put in my hamster cage. Now that's a great smell and that's what the StuffItts smelled like (and no, I wasn't holding them up to my nose), even after living inside my shoes for 6 months.

Running? Oh, yes, I still do that. This morning, my body did not want to go but my mind overruled for once. It wasn't a pretty sight but I managed a slow 4.4 miler. It was really slow and it didn't really wake me up and I'm stiff all over -- but it was a run and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Run well, y'all,
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