Monday, January 11, 2010

Clawing My Way Back

One of my reoccurring dreams has to do with running. I wish it was about running with some of the great East African runners and feeling good. But, it's usually an exhausting dream where I'm trying to run up a long, steep hill that's usually deep sand. Instead of running, I'm barely moving forward, digging my hands into the sand and pulling myself uphill.

Well, I think that's how my running is going to feel for the next couple of months. Due to a variety of reasons (travel, an odd injury, boredom with my routes, a cold), I've only run 6 times since 21 November with this morning's run being the first in 3 weeks. I'm not completely starting over but at 55 years old, I think I lose fitness more quickly than ever and it will take me longer to get it back. But, I'm committed to getting it back.

My goals:
• Get back to 100+ miles per month
• Run a half marathon in Nairobi in October
• Lose 20 pounds

There I've said it -- here goes. This morning's run was only 2.94 miles at a pace of 9:42 mpm -- SSD (short, slow distance). I'll bump up my mileage slowly and see what happens.

Have you ever come back from a running slump? Any advice?

BTW, if you want to listen to a running podcast by a regular guy, check out Ashland (VA) Dave's Running in the Center of the Universe

Run well, y'all,
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