Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hills **ARE** My Friends

I can't find the blog now but earlier this week, I read a running blog in which the writer talked about running a race and how her positive attitude about hills really helped her push through and to have a good race. She contrasted her attitude and results to that of a fellow runner who hit the last hill in the marathon and let the hill defeat her.

Yesterday, I needed to run a slightly shorter loop (@5 miles) and, since I hate running the same route 2 runs in a row, decided to run a route that included a couple of really nasty hills, back-to-back -- here's the elevation chart -- the nasty hills are between mile 3 and 4:

I had run these hills only once before and dreaded them from the moment I set out. I remembered the blog post and began to talk to myself about running them with a positive attitude. Then, just before I got to the first of those hills, I passed a guy who was walking. I greeted him and he commented about how good the slightly cooler weather felt. I said something like, Yes, it feels great but I'm not sure how I'll feel after these hills.

He said, It will be worth it after you finish. What a great statement! Between the blog inspiration and the wise words of a walking stranger, I conquered the hills and they weren't nearly as tough as I had mentally made them out to be.

Lesson learned (maybe): A positive attitude about challenges can make them easier.

Run well, y'all,
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