Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag -- I'm It

My virtual friend, Paul Merrill, has tagged me asking what impossible dream I have. I have spent long, tortuous hours given it some thought off and on. Like Paul, I have lofty desires -- ending poverty would be great; seeing Christ reign in every heart; simple decency in politics, on TV/radio, between neighbors. But, like Paul, I'll be a bit more mundane. I'd like to run a half marathon with Ryan Hall, with his fluidity, and at his speed (less than an hour).

Now to pass on the favor: I'm tagging Non-Runner Nancy and my college friend, David H -- tell us your impossible dream.

BTW -- a nice run this morning. It started gently raining about halfway through a 5.9 miler and with the temperature at about 55°, it felt good. I did the run in 46:34.

Run well, y'all,
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