Sunday, February 4, 2007

Running With Friends

Normally, I run by myself. I don't know any folks around here who want to run 5-6 miles at 5:30 AM. Last week though, I flew to Ontario, California for a meeting of our mission organization's board of Trustees. Several of my co-workers who flew out are also runners. Because of our schedule, we could run at 6:00 AM. So, Tuesday, 3 of us headed out. Since we all normally run at different paces, we stayed together for the first loop and then split up -- one went back to the hotel and 2 of us did another lap.

I've found that running with others always makes the run easier. But, running the first lap about 01:15 mpm slower than normal made the whole run easier. It was great! Thanks, Bob and Lonnie.

Tuesday night, we agreed to go again Wednesday morning. Just as I pulled my shoes on, I realized it was raining. This is "sunny" Southern California -- it can't rain! I headed to the lobby where Lonnie and Matt were waiting for me -- Bob was smarter than the rest of us and stayed in his room. We decided we didn't want to pack wet shoes the next morning to go back to Richmond, so we headed to the fitness room to run on the dreadmills. Wouldn't you know it -- they were all being used. Shoot! We're dressed, it's S Calif, let's go in the rain.

The rain wasn't bad but the street drainage was awful and we had some monster puddles. The first one I stepped in was a shocker because the water was COLD! Still, a good run -- slow first 3 miles and a normal last 3 miles.
For the curious, here was my route the second day. Those who only did 3.1 miles turned back to the hotel at just before the 3 mile mark:

DoubleTree Ontario Airport Hotel

Run well, y'all,
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