Thursday, August 28, 2008

History Being Made

What an interesting week. Whether one believes Barak Obama is the leader for the next 4-8 years or one vehemently opposes his policies and dreams for this country, it is hard to deny that yesterday was an historic day for the United States of America. Having grown up in the south (South Carolina) in the midst of all the racial tensions of the 60's, I never thought that an African-American could be nominated as one of the two major candidates for President. But, it has been done and there's a good chance that Barak Obama will be elected in November.

I'm proud that America has reached this stage in our history and pray that, in the midst of all the negativity of this campaign, this step represents a huge leap forward in race relations in our country. We are all Americans and we need to act like it.

Do not take this as a political statement either in support of or in opposition to Barak Obama. I'm just happy this has happened in my lifetime.

Run well, y'all (good advice for politicians),
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