Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Dreadmill

The snow was beautiful yesterday in Richmond. The temps were hovering just at freezing so the flakes were huge. It stayed cold long enough for slush to form on the roads but there was snow on the sidewalks. We had driven back from SC on Sunday and so were very late going to bed Sunday night. Thus, no run Monday morning. The IMB was closed a bit early because of the snow Monday, so we all headed to the YMCA around 5:00 for (drum roll): The Dreadmill.

Actually, it wasn't as bad as I feared. I just hate like the dickens having the mileage and the clock right there in my face. However, it was interesting to be able to change the incline percentage and the speed to see how various combinations compared.

I do think the treadmill is a little easier on the knees but it seems to work slightly different or a few additional muscles. I'm just a little sore this morning.

Anyway, it was good to learn that I can do the treadmill when the weather or the roads/sidewalks are just too bad for running outside.

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