Sunday, November 6, 2005

Sunday Thoughts

Man -- after such good runs last week, this morning was a disappointment. My legs were tired and I felt like I was slogging away and slapping the pavement. I ran 4.225 miles at a pace of 8:13 mpm. Now, that's not bad and I really wasn't running for time. If I had felt good, then the time would have been just fine. But ....

It was a beautiful morning for a run and the leaf colours are subtle but beautiful. I do think there will be only a few more days of decent colour, though. I could see the brown creeping in and the leaves are falling.

I read from Ezekial prior to running this morning and tried to visualize the cherubim with their 4 heads and the wheel within a wheel that each had "beside him". Couldn't visualize that -- maybe that's why the run felt so hard! As much as I could meditate while running, I did think about the clearer parts of the Ezekial 10-13 passages, especially the Ezek 13 sections on prophets who speak without a word from the Lord yet still expect Him to fulfill their prophecies. I wonder how many times we do that?

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