Saturday, November 12, 2005

Restoring Your Reputation

I haven't posted much this week. Tuesday night, my parents called about 7:15 and said they were on their way to stay with us a couple of nights. They didn't get in until about 10:30. We all talked awhile and got to bed about midnight. That's not enough sleep for me, normally. So, I didn't run Wednesday morning. I did run Thursday -- it was 67* -- man, the weather cannot make up its mind. The smell of Fall was in the air -- you know, that smell of leaves that have fallen and are slightly damp. Wonderful!

Friday, I left the house at 3:45 am for a flight to Atlanta -- a one day meeting. I got home at 8:15 pm. I was looking forward to my run today and was not disappointed. I got about 8.5 hours of sleep -- I never sleep that much, never. Ended up leaving the house at 7:15 and it was COLD!! The temp was 30* when I left and I should have worn running pants as my legs seemed on the verge of cramping the whole time. I ran 6.4 miles at a pace of 07:45 mpm. That's 8 of the last 9 runs that have been at sub-8 mpm.

On Saturdays, I get the chance to more closely read the Runner's World Beginners' Forum. Someone posted the links about the JeansMarines group taking a shortcut in the Marine Marathon. Later, someone posted a link to the response of the JeansMarines director, Jean Marmoreo: Jean's Response

It is a tremendous response to the charges of cheating. Though I think cheating is a bit strong, I do agree that what the JeansMarines group did was not in the spirit of marathon running. But, Jean did not retaliate or try to jitetea (Swahili for "to defend oneself") Nor did she just blow it off by saying it wasn't serious or that others do the same thing. She set about making it right by:

1. Admitting the mistake
2. Doing the right thing as a short-term fix
3. Setting in place policies and guidelines to reduce the chance that the same mistake will be repeated

I would recommend this letter as a great example of how to set about restoring one's reputation and correcting mistakes.

Run well,
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