Friday, March 25, 2011

Still Pushing On

Perfectly good Kenyan English phrase, still pushing on, meaning that one is enduring. I'm still running though I'm not blogging — just not much to say.

Last week, I decided to run a route that I had been dreading. It involves a long (almost 1.25 mile) uphill at the beginning, a steep downhill, and then a short but steep uphill. I did it and ran the whole thing. It was a real confidence builder. There's probably a life lesson there — something to the effect that meeting challenges head-on gets you past the fear to see what you can really do.

This morning must have been red shirt day. I wore a red shirt this morning. I saw 3 of my neighbours out running and walking and 2 of them also had worn red shirts — the third must have missed the memo.

This morning's run, if you're interested:

Run well, y'all,
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