Monday, April 6, 2009

I Got to Run

I had planned to run yesterday morning before going to church, but the call of an extra hour of sleep was just too strong. No problem -- I'll run Monday. Then, later, I looked at the weather forecast -- calling for not just rain but major thunderstorms for Monday morning. Now, I'll run in the rain if necessary but I'm somewhat averse to having lighting bolts flying around my head. The same-same weather report said it would be down to about 65° by early evening so I decided I would get my run in around 6pm. But, when 6pm rolled around, it was still up around 70° and I'm not ready for hot running, yet (actually, I'm never really ready for it). Maybe it will just be raining Monday morning.

Monday morning comes and ... no rain, no lightning, no nothing ... 61° and 64% humidity. So, I got my run in. It wasn't really fun this morning -- 5.36 miles in 45:00 -- but I was out there.

Run well, y'all,
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