Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Idea: Hotel Safe

This may be old hat in South Africa and in Europe, but I thought it
was a really good idea. It's always a dilemma to decide what to do
with valuables in hotels in Africa. While the vast majority of hotel
staff members are hard working, honest folks, theft from rooms is a
real problem. And, it's a real pain to decide what to do with things
like a camera, laptop, and other items when you go eat or to the pool/
beach or wherever.

Well, this is the solution offered by the Birchwood Hotel in
Johannesburg, South Africa -- they turned their walk-in closets into
safes. There is a steel gate with an electronic lock on each closet.
You key in your own 4-digit code, close the door, and kumbe, your
stuff is locked up. I wouldn't mind having a closet designed like this
in the house where we will live in Kenya when we move back overseas in

I ran 4.65 miles in Jo'burg this morning in 38:31. Wow -- what a
difference running at 5500' -- who stole the oxygen?

Run well, y'all,

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