Saturday, March 21, 2009

Next to Last Tempo Run

Could this have been the last cold day of the season? At 6:40 AM it
was 26° and 70% humidity. I plan to do a shorter tempo run on Tuesday
or Wednesday -- the race is Saturday (Ukrop's Monument Ave 10K). So,
this was the next to last tempo run:

1 x 8:43 -- warm-up
1 x 7:29
1 x 7:22
1 x 7:14
1 x 8:06
1.1 x 9:43 -- cool down

I'm pretty pleased. I've downgraded my expectations for the race.
While I'd love to break 45:00 and set a PR -- and I'm not giving up on
the hope -- I suspect my time will be closer to 47:00. We'll see.

Run well, y'all,

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