Friday, March 6, 2009

DST and Negative Days

Daylight Savings Time begins Saturday night -- OK, technically, Sunday morning. Don't forget to set your clock forward before heading to bed Saturday night (10:00 becomes 11:00) or you'll be late for church Sunday morning.

Some have lamented the fact that DST means it will be dark for early morning runs for a few more weeks. Personally, that suits me. When it's dark, I can't actually see how slow I'm running and can pretend that I'm cruising.

Runners talk about negative splits. Well, the last few days, I've had negative days. Starting Monday, my runs each day got progressively faster:
Mon - 5.1 mi @ 8:25 mpm
Tue - 6.5 mi @ 8:21 mpm
Wed - 6.4 mi @ 8:13 mpm
Thu - 5.3 mi @ 8:07 mpm
Saturday, I'm planning on 12 miles and there's almost no chance whatsoever that this trend will continue! Should be short-sleeve weather.

Run well, y'all,
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