Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday at Tempo

Cold tempo run this morning -- 18°F when I left and 17°F when I finished. Goal was 6 miles total -- 1 warm up, 4 @ 7:27, 1 cool down. I got sidetracked on the first fast mile because of traffic and lost some seconds, but the whole thing was a real struggle and the first half of the last fast mile was uphill -- ughhh. Anyway, it was actually better than I thought. Here's the breakdown:
Tempo Splits
1.0 x 8:42.68 (warm up)
1.0 x 7:59.92
1.0 x 7:18.63
1.0 x 7:13.69
1.0 x 8:08.63
1.1 x 9:20.74 (cool down)
I am so bad at regulating my pace.

Run well, y'all,
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