Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Track Blowouts

I got to add another country to my list of Countries in Which I've Run -- Turkey. I was in a meeting last week in Belek, Turkey and ran 4 mornings. It was flat, flat, flat. The only hill was in the hotel parking lot. Actually, it was a good thing I ran -- those were the only times I even stepped outside the hotel. I saw a beautiful sunrise on Wednesday -- sunrise ahead of me, snow-covered mountains ahead and to the left of me.

Another set of track intervals/repeats out of the way. I got a call from our emergency answering service about 11:10 last night -- fortunately, it wasn't a major emergency but it did get my adrenaline going a bit. So, I was really tired. Fortunately, I knew there were people who would be expecting me so I got up and headed out in the cold (26°). The goal was to do the warm-up by running to the high school, then do 4 x 800 meters @ 3:20 with a recovery 400 meters between each, then to do the cool-down running home. On the recovery lap after the 3rd 800 meters, we decided to just do 400 meters for the last lap. These things are HARD!

Here are the splits:

1.50 mi x 12:31.87
 800 m x 3:20.08
 400 m x 2:27.49
 800 m x 3:18.90
 400 m x 2:28.83
 800 m x 3:21.01
 400 m x 2:31.62
 400 m x 1:33.52
1.50 mi x 13:10.99

Run well, y'all,
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