Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Long Run

Took off this morning with some trepidation. My long runs of late have been pretty much a wash. Either I haven't been able to do the mileage or I've completed the mileage but had to walk. Last weekend, I had headed out for 12 miles but headed home early for 9 and, even then, walked a couple of times.

This morning, I felt good and planned to do about 12.75 miles -- I don't give up easily -- but just didn't know what would happen. I was running a route that I had run about a month ago and had really struggled, walking some during the last few miles. The temperature was a perfect 47° (cooled down to 44° by the time I finished) and 53% humidity, overcast skies, but a pretty good breeze in my face on certain sections. The route is pretty hilly.

It was hard but I ran the whole way -- a total of 12.9 miles at 8:23 mpm (1:48:16). That's almost the pace of my best half marathon. One thing that I think helped, besides the weather and my strong inner desire to complete it, was Gatorade'ing and Gu'ing. I decided to take a good swig of Frost Gatorade every 2 miles and eat a Gu (Chocolate Rage) at the halfway point of about 6.5 miles (do you really eat a Gu?). I seemed to feel the Gu kick in at about the 7.25 mile point. There was never a point where I was ready to walk -- there was a point at about the 5.5 mile point when I seriously contemplated cutting it short and heading home, to the point of calculating the approximate miles by doing that. But, I didn't do it.

So, I feel good about the run this morning and feel like maybe I'm back on track.

After running, we helped our daughter move -- she changed apartments. I was concerned that I would be in agony but the constant moving, even the up and down stairs, seems to have kept me from being too stiff and sore.

One month until the Ukrop's 10K. I'd love to set a PR and break 45 minutes. It's a pretty flat course and maybe my last chance ever to run this race.

Our Bible study class begins a study of Mark tomorrow and I'm leading. So, I'd best finish preparing.

Run well, y'all,
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