Saturday, March 22, 2008

Running Community

While, like many who have posted, I like running alone, I really
enjoy those times when I can run with someone else. I travel within
the US a fair amount with my job and there are usually a group of us
from work who go to the same location. There's almost always someone
else who runs and it's fun exploring a new place with another runner.

For the last couple of years, I've also participated in a Christmas
Lights Run sponsored by a local running store. It's not a race but a
night group run to see the Christmas lights. That's been a lot of fun.

Running with someone makes the miles go by faster mentally and,
usually, physically. I seem to run faster and with less struggle when
I'm running and talking to someone else.

The other community that I enjoy are the 2-3 virtual running
communities that I participate in and the running bloggers. Those are
a great source of encouragement and help.

Run well, y'all,

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