Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Politics Is Not Fair

OK, that's a no-brainer. Politics is about power and winning. In a corrupt world, it's no surprise that those seeking power and position are likely to do and say anything to get those.

I'm not an Obama supporter. I'd like to be because the message of unity and pulling together really resonates with me. But, though I haven't done all the investigation I need to do, his stances and policies do not resonate with me.

This is not a final thought, but, the flak over statements made by his pastor seems over the top. Obama is responsible for his response to statements made by his supporters and even by his pastor. Obama needs to be honest and transparent in his statements about what he does (did) and does not (did not) know or hear. He should be able to explain his decision to remain a member of that church as that reflects his judgement. But, he is not responsible for the statements themselves.

I could change my mind -- actually, I probably won't change my mind on the basic statements above but I retain the option to become more critical of Obama's response to Rev. Wright's statements. :)

OK, that's more thinking than I usually do while running. It was a good, easy run this morning. Good temperature -- 41-42° when I left and 38° when I finished -- shorts, long-sleeved shirt, light gloves, and my Balega Trail Buster socks were just right.

Run well, y'all,
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