Friday, February 1, 2008

Rain: It's Both Good and Bad

It is raining this morning. I don't have the running clothes for cool (35°) and rain so I headed to the YMCA and ran repeats on the treadmill. We need the rain so it's good that it's raining; I'd rather run outside so it's bad that it's raining; doing repeats on the treadmill was interesting and disciplined me so it's good that it's raining.

0.2 miles @ 13:20 mpm (walking)
1.3 miles @ 08:57 mpm
0.5 miles @ 06:58 mpm
.25 miles @ 09:31 mpm
0.5 miles @ 06:58 mpm
.25 miles @ 09:14 mpm
0.5 miles @ 06.58 mpm
1.7 miles @ 08:34 mpm

Overall running: 5 miles @ 08:18 mpm

It was a good workout.

January: 146 miles, 23 runs

Kenya is still troubled and it just continues to get more and more complicated. NPR's All Things Considered had a decent story on the situation in Kenya, Tracing the Roots of Ethnic Violence in Kenya. Please continue to pray.

Run well, y'all,
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