Friday, February 15, 2008

Progress, Hopefully, in Kenya

I pray that this will lead to a just and peaceful conclusion to the chaos in Kenya over the past 7+ weeks. After living in Kenya for most of the past 22 years, though, and hearing the talk and the promises, I'm skeptical. The idea of a Prime Minister has been floated many times before and has come to nothing. There was a new constitution on the table for several years and it wasn't accepted. But, people do change and the circumstances are somewhat different now. Continue to pray for the hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered as a result of all of this.

The following is a small section of a larger BBC article (600,000 people fleeing their homes is the largest figure I've seen -- could be):

Kenyans to review disputed poll
Kenya's rival political parties have agreed to set up an independent panel to review last year's disputed elections, Kofi Annan has said.

The former United Nations secretary general however said that a possible power-sharing agreement had not yet been finalised.

The opposition has accused President Mwai Kibaki of rigging the poll.

The dispute has led to protests, in which at least 1,000 people have died and 600,000 have fled their homes.

'Very close'

The independent panel, including Kenyan and non-Kenyan experts, will investigate "all aspects" of the disputed election, said Mr Annan.

The committee is due to start work on 15 March and submit its report within three to six months, he added.

Run and pray well, y'all,
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