Saturday, January 12, 2008

Most Bizarre Question While Running

I've been asked some interesting questions by non-runners when I'm running. One chilly spring morning, I was stopped by someone in a car who asked if I had seen a horse running around. One night, in an upper-middle income neighbourhood, I was asked by a rather unkempt man where the free overnight house was. But today's question was the most bizarre. I was running around a small, local lake and coming up on 3 children who were fishing. As I approached them, a boy about 9 years old asked me if I had any scissors. I guess his mother never said to him, Don't run with scissors. (On the other hand, maybe he couldn't tell I was running!)

What's the most bizarre question you've been asked while running?

Great run today and the longest run I've had since the half marathon in September -- 9.4 miles at 7:53 mpm, 51°.

Run well, y'all,
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