Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Monday's Thoughts on Tuesday

This is where my body and running just don't make sense. Yesterday, my 4.2 mile run was hard, hard, hard -- yet, it was slower than any of the runs, including an 8+ miler on Saturday, in the previous 5 runs. Now, today (Monday), I run 5.3 miles and it felt really good -- yet, it was at a pace of 07:45 mpm. Go figure! Weather conditions were almost identical, I had an almost identical amount and quality of sleep, and the route I ran was similar in terms of hills, etc. I didn't watch my watch on either day (I can't stand seeing how slowly I run while I'm doing it).

Mood has to play a part in it. I was in a funk all weekend; just tired and couldn't focus on anything. There were odd jobs around the house that I could have done but just couldn't work up the "want to" or even the "have to". I couldn't even focus on e-mail. Maybe that had something to do with Sunday's run being hard.

I continued to think about Ezekial but focused more on the obedience portions and the waiting for a word from the Lord. My question to God was, "Where am I disobedient?" I didn't get a specific answer yet it was satisfying to just ask the question and to be open to an answer.

Tuesday (actually today) is a rest day. My pattern lately has been run on Sunday and Monday, rest on Tuesday, run on Wednesday and Thursday, rest on Friday, and run longer on Saturday. In general, 5 days per week seems right for me.

Well, lunch is about over, so I need to get back to work.

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