Thursday, November 17, 2005

Creative Thinking While Running

I realize that a lot of people say that they do their best creative thinking while running. Well, that's not been my normal experience. However, today was different. Who knows why. But, today I had some good ideas (the quality rating was confirmed by my wife) aobut doing a missions presention. Now, the hard work of actually doing something about the ideas! :)

I got to run in Huntsville, AL this week. Was there for a meeting of the IMB trustees and ran with one of our new reappointees. We did 2.4 miles together, faster than what he said he normally runs, and then I did another 1.8 miles on my own. Average pace was 07:42 mpm. Today, I'm back in Richmond and ran 6.2 miles at a pace of 07:45 mpm.

The last couple of weeks, there's been a significant change in my pace -- faster overall by about 15 seconds per mile. I'm sure the cool/cold weather has made a difference but I hope I'm just getting a bit faster.

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